Our Board of Directors

The Jindhag Foundation is a charitable organization founded to support and preserve the cultural diversity of traditional and indigenous peoples around the world that are being threatened with extinction and assimilation into modernity. The word Jindhag comes from the Tibetan word for “sponsors” and is associated with the notion of giving support.

Sharif Seret

Sharif Seret was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He attended Franklin University in Lugano, Switzerland and graduated with a B.S. in International Management and Marketing.

After college Sharif applied his talents to managing and developing two family businesses, reaching new levels of success for both. At Seret & Sons Rugs and Fine Furnishings Sharif transformed a “mom and pop” import business into a more efficiently run, technologically up to date business.

In 2009 when the family owned boutique hotel, The Inn of The Five Graces, needed new management, Sharif volunteered to run it himself. Within a short period, his leadership and guidance raised the standards of service, amenities and guest experience to position The Inn of The Five Graces as New Mexico’s top hotel and one of the best hotels in the United States. His efforts put the Inn on the map for discriminating international travelers, while earning prestigious awards year after year.

In 2019, much to Sharif’s credit, Travel and Leisure named Five Graces the #1 City Hotel in the US, while Conde Nast ranked The Five Graces #1 hotel in the both the South West and Western United States. Sharif has been instrumental in expanding the property to include the Luminaria Villa and a luxury spa, applying his expertise and gifts to create a truly unique destination.

Sharif earned his MBA with honors from Washington University in 2019 and currently lives in Seattle with his wife and young son.