Our Board of Directors

The Jindhag Foundation is a charitable organization founded to support and preserve the cultural diversity of traditional and indigenous peoples around the world that are being threatened with extinction and assimilation into modernity. The word Jindhag comes from the Tibetan word for “sponsors” and is associated with the notion of giving support.

Isaiah Seret

Isaiah Seret is a film director known for creating singular worlds with emotional storytelling and cinematic visuals. He received his first DGA nomination in 2018 for his standout commercial work for Samsung and Kohler and has garnered awards across the industry, including a Cannes Lion and MVAs for his music-video work.

He won a Webby Award for his short film Quarantine, a prequel to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Isaiah cut his teeth as the first assistant director on films made by Buddhist masters Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche and Neten Chokling Rinpoche, and has a masters degree in Asian Comparative Studies (with a focus on Indo-Tibetan Buddhism) from the California Institute of Integral Studies.

Isaiah lives in Los Angeles with his wife Jesse and two children.

A selection of his work can be seen on his website IsaiahSeret.com