Reviving Istalif, Afghanistan

While the Foundation's work in Istalif, Afghanistan has had an immensely positive impact on the lives of many people, there is still much work to be done. Beyond Istalif, there are numerous other villages that have been devastated after years of war and could also benefit from similar types of locally-based reconstruction and revitalization efforts.

Preserving Tibetan Culture

The Foundation's support of Tibetan monks and nuns is also ongoing. The basic requirement to feed one monk at a Tibetan monastery is $360 per year per monk. In addition to this ongoing cost of supporting existing monks and nuns, new refugees continue to cross the border every day. These people are often in poor health and have been unable to bring much with them besides the clothes that they wear. This influx of people places enormous stress on the monasteries who have limited funds and facilities, but whose policy it is to not turn away any refugees.

Donating to a specific Monastery or Nunnery

The tradition in Tibetan monasteries is for the monks and nuns to include their supporters in daily prayers, creating a symbiotic relationship of financial support by the Jindhags and spiritual support by the local monks and nuns. If you would like to direct your donation toward a specific monastery or nunnery (see our preliminary list) you are welcome to additionally include a photo of yourself, your family or those for whom the prayers are intended..

Jindhag is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

You can contribute to either of these causes by making a donation through the Jindhag Foundation by mail at:

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You can also contact a member of the board of directors if you have any questions:

Phone: (505) 988.9151

The Jindhag foundation and The Seret Family Foundation are 501(c)(3) Not for profit organizations. They are run entirely by volunteer contributions of time and resources, and do not have any paid employees or administrative overhead. All of the resources, supplies, and infrastructure are donated by its members. Your donation will be forwarded in full toward the intended use.

For your convenience, you can make a donation now using PayPal. However, please note that if you choose this option, there is a processing fee that PayPal charges us of 1.9-3.9% + $0.30. There is no overhead if you make a donation by check.